Five Ways to Use Cooper® Cheese in Your Deli

American cheese is one of the most versatile options when it comes to keeping customers well-fed and happy. Running a deli is a delicate balance between running a business and the artful dance of meal prep. Today, we focus on the latter to suggest five ways to bring Cooper® cheese to your everyday business.

To many consumers, simply finding Cooper® cheese in the deli is enough to turn a browsing visit into a purchase. Imagine what having it on the counter could do for customers seeking the flavor of home ready-to-eat. Let’s get started.

1. Your Oven’s Best Friend

Very few cheeses melt as nicely as American cheese. It’s no surprise that it’s the deli cheese of choice for grilled cheese and cheesesteak—about as classic as it gets. Cooper® Sharp White is the perfect cheese to add that soft, lightly melty texture to any combination without compromising the flavors of the other ingredients.

2. The Early Bird Treat

Breakfast meals are where many of us met and fell in love with this classic cheese. It pairs with bacon and light-flavored hams like nobody’s business, and it provides the necessary energy and flavor to get the day started. Move the Cooper® cheese to the front during the mornings and watch customers swarm for it. Take a look at some of our breakfast recipes, like the broccoli and cheese potato basket.

3.The Mac and Cheese Companion

Cooper® Sharp has made a name for itself as the ultimate cheese for mac and cheese. One of Cooper’s key strengths is the way it melts and how its subtle flavor brings out the best in everything it touches. A well-seasoned mac comes alive and pushes the succulent softness of the pasta right to the sweet spot with the right cheese: Cooper® Sharp. Thinking of adding pasta to your offerings but don’t know where to start? Look no further.

4. For the Texture

The creamy yet firm texture of Cooper® cheese is the unsung hero of domestic lunch. As we mentioned before on number one, Cooper® Sharp White provides all the rich flavor and texture of deli cheese, whether it’s fresh or warm. Think of sandwiches with fresh veggies and cold meats like roast beef or turkey. Cooper® provides that soft, rich layer that brings it all together without becoming the only flavor present in your meal. If you’re also looking to heighten the flavors present in your customer’s creation, Cooper® Sharp Black Pepper is your go-to slice.

5. A Welcome Salad Addition

Everyone loves a good salad paired with deli cheese, but not every cheese is the right addition to salads, and not everyone has the same taste for it. A fine selection of Cooper® Sharp cubes can truly accentuate the flavors on any salad or platter and provide a nice, soft addition to the mix.

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