Frequently Asked Question

Head to and click on Store Locator to find Cooper®cheese in your area! You can even search for a specific product as some stores carry certain items. And if it’s not available near you, click Buy Online and have Cooper®delivered right to your door!

Thanks for #CookingWithCooper! Cooper® cheese was born and raised in the Northeast, which is why it’s become such a favorite in that part of the country. We’re pretty darn proud of our roots, but we’re always working to expand to new markets. If you’ve already checked our Store Locator with your ZIP code, and were unable to find one, we’d love you to talk to your local deli manager about bringing Cooper® to your neighborhood.

Please fill out the form on that page with the stores you’d like us to talk to! To start #CookingWithCooper even sooner, please visit our website and click Buy Online.

Yes, shipping can be pricey. As of right now, that’s how our partners are able to get Cooper®’s fresh, cheesy deliciousness to your door in good shape. The good news is, when you factor in shipping, your total price per pound usually turns out to be similar to what you might pay at the deli counter. Which is especially cool if your deli doesn’t currently carry Cooper®. Thanks for the message!

First of all, we’re pretty excited that you’re a Cooper® fan! If you’ve already asked your local distributors (Restaurant Depot, Cheney Brothers and Gordon Foodservice) about purchasing Cooper® and still need a hand, please fill out the form at the bottom of our Food Service page.

If you haven’t asked them yet – please do, and have them reach out to us!

To start #CookingWithCooper even sooner, you can also Buy Online.

P.S. Feel free to tag us as a collaborator in your social posts ft. Cooper® Sharp – we’d love to show off your creations with our audience!

First of all, we’re pretty excited that you’re a Cooper®fan! We’d love to add you to our retailer list and connect you with a distributor in your area (if we have one). Please fill out the form at the bottom of our Retailer Page and some very nice people will help you out!

Hi there! Thanks for being a proud and loyal fan of Cooper® cheese! We are pleased to be able to try and accommodate your request.

If you can send us your email address, we will forward it on to the appropriate member of our team who can help with this!

P.S. Please feel free to tag us in your Cooper® creations on your social channels!

Hi! Thank you so much for your interest in Cooper®. We know you’d love our sharp, creamy, perfectly melty taste and we would love to put you in touch with the right member of our team to discuss this amazing opportunity! Please, and some very nice people will help you out!

Hey there! We’re not currently selling any merchandise, however, we do have some set aside for collaborators and contest winners!

If you’d like to throw your hat in the ring, we’d love to see you post a photo of where you purchase your #CooperCheese with the hashtag #WheresCooper and you’ll be entered to win! Each photo is an entry, and one winner is chosen each month, every month.

Just post a pic, tag us, and the retailer you found us at!

Thanks for letting us know about this! We value quality above all else. Please send more details toconsumer.relations@schreiberfoods.comor call1-800-644-5473so we can dig into this situation for you.

The best way to store Cooper®depends on the format in which you’ve purchased the product. If sliced at the deli, please keep your slices wrapped to limit air in the package and refrigerate. The shelf life for the product after taking it home sliced from the deli is 3-5 days if handled properly. If purchasing a loaf, be sure to wrap the open end of the loaf with cling wrap and refrigerate. If the ends of the loaf are exposed & become dry, you could cut off those parts and re-wrap. The product should be used before the “best-by-date” on the package. We do not recommend freezing Cooper®Sharp, as it does impact the meltability and texture.

To be honest, we usually hear people say 5 pounds gets eaten too fast! 😉 But seriously, we understand that five pounds is a lot of cheese. We do offer a 30 oz size, check your local deli or you can orderdirectly online

Hello there, and thanks for your question! The difference between the two formulas is the color. Cooper® Sharp cheese gets its color from Apo Carotenal and Beta Carotene. Aside from the color, the remainder of the ingredients are the same.

Cooper®items are produced in a facility that does not have tree nuts like sesame used. We also have no peanuts in our production facility. Please and some very nice people would be happy to answer in more detail.

That’s a great question! So great, in fact, that it requires a pretty lengthy, kinda legal-sounding answer.

So here it goes: Genetically modified organisms (GMO) may be utilized in manufacturing processes of selected food products or ingredients. We have confidence in the process by which our government determines the safety of the ingredients used in our food supply. The struggle to insure food availability for the world has created multiple options for ensuring crop productivity. Schreiber Foods does not knowingly add GMO ingredients to our products, even though we firmly believe in the scientific review undertaken by our government.

Enzymes are used as a clotting agent in the cheese vat to facilitate the separation of curd and whey. Most cheeses utilize microbial based enzymes; however this product is produced with an animal based enzyme, the traditional source, and therefore is not Halal.

Hi there! We are so pleased that you are a fan of the Cooper® Cold- Packs! These were limited, seasonal products, and unfortunately have been discontinued at this time. You can search for other fantastic Cooper® cheese products here to continue to have delicious cheesy snacks and meals!

Hey there! Cooper®can be found in concessions at Virginia Tech sporting events. Keep an eye out for Cooper®Cheeseburgers, Cheesesteaks, Brisket Grinders, and mention of Cooper®during the games, and folks serving up Cooper®wearing our branded hats and #GoHokies!