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10 of the Best (Cheese) Steaks, From Philly to Delaware

“Ever since a little pizzeria called Angelo’s moved across the Delaware to Philadelphia’s Italian Market to serve steaks with tangy Cooper Sharp American cheese on house-baked bread, the cheesesteak hasn’t been quite the same.”

Kismet Bialys brings Bialy sandwiches to Philadelphia's Reading Terminal Market

PHILADELPHIA — The team behind Kismet Bagels is bringing something new to Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market. Bialys are mostly savory recipes using bagel dough but baking the bread instead of boiling it. The recipes include Cheesy Buff, featuring buffalo chicken dip and Cooper sharp cheese.

Island Pig & Fish in Fort Pierce Serves Barbecue and Seafood

FORT PIERCE — The most popular item was the IP&F burger with Allen Brothers beef, bacon and onion jam, Cooper sharp cheese, house pickles and barbecue mayonnaise. This won best burger in a contest in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Wiley’s, a new breakfast/lunch stand, opens in Rockland May 5

ROCKLAND — Sourcing most of his ingredients daily, as well as locally, the breakfast menu features an egg and bacon sandwich with tomato jam and Cooper cheese, an egg burrito with his own queso Hollandaise sauce, and veggie frittatas. Other items include home-baked goods, such as a Madeline, the cousin to a pound cake.

Very Important News: Jalen Hurts eats his cheesesteaks with cooper sharp cheese, fried onions, and mayo.

FoodChasers’ Kitchen and Eagles quarterback cook up some cheesesteaks prior to their Thursday Night Football game.

The American Cheese I Grew Up Eating (and Haven't Stopped Since)

I have a crisper drawer dedicated to cheese and have spent a large chunk of my savings at Murray’s Cheese in NYC, but my all-time favorite cheese isn’t fancy—it’s American. I’m not talking about Kraft Singles, though (no disrespect to the OG), but rather a lesser-known melty American cheese: Cooper.

Cooper's popularity is rising among restaurant owners. Here are some of the most current locations that are continuously using Cooper on their menus.