A Sharp Story of Great Taste

The Same Great Taste from 1893 to Today

When banker I.C. Cooper put down his ledger and started aging cheese curds, he knew he was onto something big. By the time the company moved from New York to Philadelphia, twenty five years later, the recipe for Cooper® Sharp was established, and is still used to make every magical, melty item. So the same cheese your grandparents ate is the one you’re enjoying today.

The Cooper® Cheese Timeline


Banker I.C. Cooper decided to put down his balance sheets and start making aged cheese in New York. Just like that, Cooper® Cheese was born.


Cooper® moves from New York to Pennsylvania and becomes a beloved hometown hero in Philadelphia.


To honor WWII veterans, the “Cooper Victory” seal is added to every label.


Cooper® expands out of Philly. Its flavor stays the same and people love it!


Cooper’s flavor … yup, still the same. Did we mention people love it?


More than a century later, the love of Cooper’s iconic sharp flavor has become a family tradition passed down by generations.


Some call it an obsession. We like to call it a tradition. Three flavors, two sizes, expanding lines including shreds. 130+ years and still growing. Oh … and people still love it.

5 Reasons Fans Love Cooper® Sharp

Premium Product

Cooper® Sharp is top-tier cheese. When you grab some from the deli, you know you’re getting quality—because Cooper® is made with milk and hand-selected aged cheese. No unpronounceable ingredients here!

Unique, Craveable Flavor

We hear it again and again … our fans love Cooper® because of its one-of-a-kind sharp flavor. Cooper® doesn’t taste like any other deli cheese, which is why it’s been a family tradition and favorite comfort food for generations.


Cooper® is creamy, flavorful, and especially versatile. You can slice it, shred it, cube it, and it melts like a dream. That’s why Cooper® is perfect for grilled cheese, deli sandwiches, mac and cheese … burgers, salads, midnight snacks. Pretty much anything, really.

Hometown Hero

Since its start more than a century ago, Cooper® has earned a loyal following in the Northeast. Because Cooper® is the taste of home. A source of regional pride. And if you’ve ever left the Northeast, you know how far you’ll go to get ahold of some Cooper® again.


Not much can transport you back in time quite like tasting something you grew up with. That’s the power of Cooper® Sharp. It’s the taste of great memories. Just like grandma’s grilled cheese, you can always count on Cooper® for a little comfort.
Cooper® Cheese Now Available Online

Cooper® Cheese Now Available Online

You love it in the deli. Now get it delivered to your doorstep.
Where To Find Cooper® Cheese In-store

Where To Find Cooper® Cheese In-store

Find Cooper® Sharp in the deli case at some of your favorite grocery stores across the East coast.