Explore Deli Meals and Ignite Your Customers’ Holiday Joy

As the holiday season comes around, the warm smells of roasted comfort foods and baked desserts fill the air. But among the busy schedules, one can’t deny the convenience and heartwarming indulgence that a flavor-packed deli meal brings to the dinner table.

We’ve put together some exciting Cooper® cheese inspired holiday deli meal ideas for dinner that will make your holiday breaks delectable and free up time to spend with the people you care about.

Serve an Iconic Cooper® Sharp Cheese Platter

Let’s start with the king of the deli—the cheese! Our unique Cooper® Sharp, a distinctly rich and flavorful deli cheese, perfectly matches sliced prosciutto, assorted cold cuts, olives, and crusty bread. As an opportunity to upsell, give your customers the choice of upgrading their cheese platter with crackers, nuts, and fruits.

Experience the Cozy Deli Meal Combo

Nothing shouts “holiday season” quite like your favorite comfort food. Offer a combination of a soothing and classic tomato basil soup paired with one of our a deliciously melty Cooper® Sharp Cheese grilled sandwich recipes.

It’s a simple, ready-to-go meal solution that your customers will simply appreciate amidst their busy schedules that afford little time to meal prep from scratch.


Give the Extraordinary Deli Pizza Boat a Try

Who doesn’t love a pizza night? Dinner couldn’t get any easier and more delicious than this.

Boost Your Business Prospects with Innovative Deli Meal Ideas 

These simple and loved comfort food ideas can be a fantastic selling point. Open opportunities to create bundled deals, special holiday combos, or even a “create your own meal” option. Deli meals offer variety and creativity that can easily be molded to tailor-fit your customers’ needs while increasing your offerings’ marketability. Our Cooper® cheese-based deli meal ideas allow you to offer something unique, scrumptious, and thoroughly enjoyable. Think of the possibilities when it comes to menu options. These mouth-watering meals are guaranteed to improve your business’s deli offerings. Remember, the holiday season is about the feeling of joy and spending quality time with others. The best way to bond is over a great meal. Cooper® cheese is thrilled to be the delectable companion that adds a little extra flavor to the festive season or, in this case, to your wholesome deli meals. For more scrumptious deli meal ideas and product information, visit our recipes.

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