How To Make Cooper® Cheese The Star Of Your Retail Cross-Selling Strategy

There’s a reason more and more shoppers have been making a beeline for the supermarket deli. The promise of convenience at a lower cost than dinner out can’t be beat.

As your customers try to wedge a quick dinner into a busy evening, they are not only looking for convenience, but they want variety. The same-old same-old gets … old.

This is where cross-selling strategies save the day. By packaging items that customers can pick up in one location to create an easy meal at home, your deli will be a hero. And, because cross-selling is among the best strategies to increase sales, you’ll deserve an extra pat on the back.

Get ready to don a superhero cape! We’ve come up with mouth-watering ideas starring Cooper® cheese that you can start cross-selling today. Check them out!

 Pizza: Shredded Cooper® cheese, add pizza dough or a prepared crust, and sliced pepperoni or Canadian bacon. Offer customers other fresh toppings that can be diced or sliced for an additional charge. They’ll be able to take, make, and bake in less than an hour.


 Taco salad: Shredded Cooper® cheese, your deli-made seasoned meat, a package of shredded lettuce, and a tortilla bowl is a delish dinner that’s prepped in minutes. It also can be a go-to choice for a hungry lunch crowd. Top it off with containers of fresh-made salsa and guacamole.

 Ham and cheese sliders: Let their nose lead them to your deli when hot ham is on the menu. Slice while they wait and offer a packaged price for sliced Cooper® cheese, ham, and slider buns. Suggest side dishes from your deli to finish the meal. Give it an extra touch with a display of jarred pickles or olives.

 Chili dogs: Adults and kids alike can’t resist a good old-fashioned hot dog. Include deli-made chili, shredded Cooper®, and buns for a memory-making meal.


 Cheesy pasta: Our Cooper® Basil Pesto Alfredo Sauce recipe, is perfect to make ahead in containers to sell with pre-cooked broccoli florets and sliced chicken along with dry fettuccine. This make-it-quick meal will have your customers raving, “Delizioso!”


 Enchiladas: Your deli-made seasoned chicken or ground beef and shredded Cooper® cheese make quite the pair when baked in tortilla shells. Display jarred jalapeños or chopped chili peppers for those who seek an added kick.

 Sandwiches: Sandwiches never go out of style. This classic meal has made its way into our hearts and shows no signs of falling out of favor. For a basic sandwich, suggest lunch meat slices with sliced Cooper® cheese and a featured bread from your supermarket bakery (pre-sliced, of course). Display gourmet mustards and flavorful potato chips nearly. But don’t stop there. Let your creative juices flow. Give the sandwich combo a California flair with fresh sliced veggies and a container of guac from your deli. Replace lunch meat with tuna or chicken salad. Suffice to say, the combinations are endless. So endless, you may want to add a featured sandwich of the week to your deli cross-selling menu.

Let’s face it–life can get hectic. You can swoop in to save the day with these and other easy-to-make meal ideas. Once your customers try the combinations born of your cross-selling strategies, they’ll be lining up for more!

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