Score Big on Game Day Menu Items with Cooper® Cheese

When it’s game day, Cooper® cheese knows how important it is to have the perfect line-up of menu items. Game day is among those events where the right menu can completely transform the experience. Savory snacks, paired with the nail-biting tension of each play, can make or break the event. The trick to scoring big with game-day provisions is making sure your spread is a crowd-pleaser. And nothing pleases a crowd like Cooper®.

Give Your Classic Snacks a Cooper® Boost

We all have a soft spot for those ideal snacks we’ve come to love and expect on game day. We’ve got just the right cheeses to add that sprinkle of extra “yum” to the favorites.

Cheeseburger Sliders: Miniature burgers layered with Cooper® Sharp—the melt-in-your-mouth cheese lends a creamy, tangy burst of flavor, satisfying all those burger cravings on game day.

Cheesy Nachos: Crunchy nachos generously topped with shredded Cooper® cheese—the melted cheesy goodness pairs beautifully with the crisp nachos, resulting in a more-ish treat that promises a flavor fiesta with each bite.

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches: Classic sandwiches enhanced with ample layers of Cooper®—the cheese melts to perfection, enveloping the sandwich in a creamy blanket, adding an enhanced level of richness and flavor that is hard to resist.

Jazz Up Your Comfort Food with Cooper® Touch

Who said comfort food can’t be playful? We think comfort food is a canvas waiting for your creativity. Let’s transform those comforting, heart-warming classics into something even more exciting using our incredibly versatile cheese.

Cooper® Chicken & Waffle Sandwich: Mini sausages wrapped in buttery pastry, smothered in our creamy sharp white cheese, making for a perfect bite-sized delight.

Chili Mac & Cheese: Traditional mac and cheese invigorated by Cooper® Sharp and chili.

Cheesy Broccoli Soup: This version is extra creamy and extra comforting because it’s made with all the goodness of Cooper® Sharp.

Add a Little Spice to Your Snacks with Cooper® Cheese

Cooper® Sharp White Queso: You can’t really underestimate the general awesomeness of queso dip. It’s so simple to make and so very delicious to eat.

Cooper® Sharp Black Pepper Cheese for your Cheese Board: An assortment of cheese with a kick of black pepper brings a surprise element to the spread.

Spiced Ricotta Cheese Pizza: The traditional pizza with a flavor punch with creamy ricotta made spicy with Cooper® Sharp Black Pepper, promising a melange of flavors to remember.

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